The Warriors

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Director: Walter Hill Run Time: 92 min. Format: DCP Rating: R

Release Year: 1979

Starring: Michael Beck, James Remar, David Patrick Kelly, Dorsey Wright

The Warriors is Walter Hill’s dystopian vision of a future New York run by ruthless (yet cleverly themed) street gangs. The “Armies of the Night” (gangs such as The Furies, The Boppers, The Hi-Hats, The Lizzies, The Turnball AC’s, The Gramercy Riffs and The Warriors) rule a future, gritty and violent New York. But when Cyrus, the leader of the most powerful gang The Gramercy Riffs, is killed after plotting to have all the gangs unite as a superpower to overthrow the police, The Warriors get blamed and things get really ugly. Taking place over one night with The Warriors gang has to get from the Bronx to their homebase in Coney Island, The Warriors shows their one shot at escaping the wrath of rival gangs and angry police.



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