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I Like What I Know: An Evening of Art, Horror and Food Celebrating Vincent Price

Tue, Oct 29
7:00 pm TALK

Midnite weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnite)!

Tue, Oct 29 @ 7:00 pm: Featuring a four-course menu & conversation with Victoria Price!

Run Time: 120 min.

Nitehawk presents a special Film Feast that celebrates Vincent Price’s legacy in the visual and culinary arts with an inspired four-course menu, videos of his art-related work, and a conversation with his daughter, Victoria Price, before a screening of HOUSE OF USHER (1960).

Vincent Price’s contribution to the history of cinema is undeniable but it’s his life-long devotion to the visual arts that represent his true passion. From collecting his first art print at the age of eleven to founding the Vincent Price Art Museum (with so many valuable contributions in between), his life’s work was to make art more accessible to the general public. We’re honored to celebrate Price’s legacy in the arts and film along with his other love, cooking, with this very special event. Best of all, his daughter Victoria Price, will be in conversation with Nitehawk’s (huge Vincent Price fan) Caryn Coleman!


ART VIDEOS & talk with victoria PRICE

To show Vincent Price’s commitment to art, we’ll be screening short films like his Walker Art Center PSA and his Sears Art Gallery tour video to establish, in his own words, how much art meant to him.

Vincent Price’s daughter, Victoria Price, will join Nitehawk’s Director of Programming, Caryn Coleman, in a conversation about his love of and life in the visual arts. We’ll talk about his Sears Collection, his autobiography I Like What I Know, and the very special, community-driven Vincent Price Art Museum.


Inspired by thematic cues from
House of Usher and inspiration from the menus in Vincent and Mary Grant Price’s A Treasury of Great Recipes.

AMUSE BOUCHE (served during talk with Victoria Price)
“The Great Hamlet’s Dagger”
Poached shrimp canape served on black bread with Aquavit cream and American paddlefish caviar, chives

Brennivin Aquavit, Dolin Blanc, lemon oil, pink peppercorn, dill

“Duck Flambe Belle Terrasse”
Roasted Duck breast, potato rosti, fine herbs salad and flambeed cognac sauce

Dubonnet, Champagne, lemon, vanilla, lavender

“Kraft Suppe”
Braised short rib, served with marrow bone, celery and leek gremolata, roasted carrots, spaetzle and rich beef broth

Château Le Bergey, Bordeaux Rouge

Tart aux framboise
Raspberry Tart with Scotch scented pastry cream

Château de Pellehaut 5 Year Armagnac, Benedictine, Punt e Mes

items subject to change, no substitutions.



House of Usher is the first of the Edgar Allan Poe film collaborations between Roger Corman and Vincent Price. Since the theme of our evening is art, we’re highlighting a film in which the artwork really comes alive.

Siblings Madeline and Roderick Usher are the two remaining members of the Usher family lineage who live in a New England house brought over from England centuries ago. Along with the house came a curse that’s plagued all surrounding life outside of the home and all of the sanity left inside. Convinced that he and his sister must never continue the evil family line, Roderick attempts to shield her away from suitor, Philip Winthrop. And how do we know of this family’s evil? Well, it’s the presence of the familial portraits throughout the house, painted by Price’s character, that visually establish the ever-present cursed family who are always watching and influencing the living. They also account for Roderick’s obsession with his ancestors, one that consumes and debilitates him. And while audiences waver on the realness of Roderick’s insanity, Corman punctuates the story with images of these paintings as a reminder that evil presented is very much real.


Edgar Allan Poe giveaways for select lucky guests courtesy of Out of Print!



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