Gator Bait

Thu Nov 21
  • Thu Nov 21

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Director: Beverly Sebastian, Ferd Sebastian Run Time: 88 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R

Release Year: 1973

Starring: Claudia Jennings, Sam Gilman, Douglas Dirkson

Sink your teeth into a Cajun feast of fury this November when THE DEUCE serves up a hot-plate of back-woods revenge with Beverly and Ferd Sebastian’s everglades-exploitationer GATOR BAIT – heating it up as it did the denizens of Times Square’s Harris Theater in the sweaty summer of 1974!

Like a bayou bobcat, ‘Desiree Thibodaeu’ has a ferally fine time supporting her siblings by poaching from the bounty of the swamp she calls home… until some slack-jawed rednecks and a long-standing family feud lead to a bout of brutal barbarity that pits our gutsy gal of action against a putrid patriarchy of psychos, sickos, and prejudiced scumbags who soon discover they’ve bitten off more than even a gator could chew… when they become the hunted at the hands of the hillbilly hell-cat hell-bent on revenge!

With the verdant setting evocatively lensed by Ferd and a screenplay by Beverly that strikes a stridently feminist note, it’s still the incomparable Claudia Jennings – in her second film with the husband-wife Sebastian directing team – igniting the sun-scorched steamy swamp as ‘Desiree’ – and dishing out some well-deserved comeuppance on everyone who done her and her family wrong – that sets this no-budget exploitation actioner on fire!! And you won’t stop singing her theme song, “Desiree,” to yourself either… yes-sir-ee, I gar-run-tee!


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