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Poster for NoBudge Live #24

NoBudge Live #24

Midnite weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnite)!

Run Time: 77 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2020

NoBudge is happy to present new work from a group of emerging indie filmmakers based in New York. These seven short films are a mix of the dramatic and experimental. Textured societal commentary can be found in films like Rules of the Game and Imaginary Friend. Others like Gas Gets In Your Eyes and Others use surreal imagery to explore dream-like landscapes and occurrences. Night Swim and Dom place New York City as a spontaneous backdrop for adventurous days fraught with complications. Five of the films are NYC or Brooklyn premieres, and five of the directors will be in attendance for a post-film Q&A and Afterparty.

NoBudge is an online platform spotlighting the best in low-budget indie filmmaking. “One of the best places to sample what’s happening in low-budget cinema worldwide,” says Glenn Kenny of The New York Times. Its mission is to provide a supportive home for emerging indie filmmakers working with limited resources and without major industry connections, and to be a trusted discovery platform.

The movies:
Gas Gets in Your Eyes
Brooklyn Premiere
Director Madeline Leshner present.
Henry loses his vision after being exposed to an unknown toxic gas.
(13 minutes)

New York Premiere.
Director Grace Rex present.
A collection of eight surreal vignettes about people in everyday moments connected by an umbilical cord.
(13 minutes)

Rules of the Game
New York Premiere.
Director Francesca Pazniokas present.
An experimental video art piece that explores the ways in which bisexual and queer people are misunderstood, pigeonholed and silenced based on the rules and expectations of others.
(6 minutes)

Imaginary Friend
New York Premiere.
Director Zachary Rubin present.
Helen, a lonely and isolated woman, is given the opportunity to connect with people from her past using a new augmented reality device.
(16 minutes)

Two old friends reunite on the hottest day of summer in NYC.
(17 minutes)

Night Swim
Director Victoria Rivera present.
Three teenage girls break into a closed-off pool on a hot summer night, but when unwanted guests show up, their friendship is tested and one of them is left behind.
(12 minutes)


Poster for Nightmare City
Oct 14 - Oct 15

Nightmare City

Now they are everywhere! There is no escape!

Poster for Irreversible: The Straight Cut
Oct 20

Irreversible: The Straight Cut

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Poster for Godass
Oct 24


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Poster for The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
Oct 26

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Behind a beautiful face, beneath a dangerous smile, lies a rage that can’t be stopped