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Poster for Nitehawk Shorts Festival 2024: MUSIC DRIVEN

Nitehawk Shorts Festival 2024: MUSIC DRIVEN

Midnite weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnite)!

Run Time: 85 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2024

Once again this year’s Music Driven program shows us that there are no lack of new and fresh ideas that defy convention but artists and stories in all genres of music that keep it continously vital. The individual visons and the excitement of watching a filmmaker and musicians creative collaboration unfold on screen show that we are still in a golden age of music videos and documentaries.

Q&A moderated by John Woods, Nitehawk Cinema

“Kandy” / Fever Ray
Martin Falk Sweden / 2022 / 4 min. / English
Martin Falck and Karin Dreijer’s collaboration on “Kandy” is strange and impeccable, tapping into uncomfortable emotions, simultaneously tender and unpleasant.

“Barley” / Water From Your Eyes
Rachel Brown / U.S. / 2023 / 4 min. / English
Music video for “Barley” the first single by Water From Your Eyes from their album “Everyone’s Crushed.”

“Wild Animals” / Liv.e
U.S. 2022 4 min. English Arresting visuals with a poignant narrative, a woman (Liv.e) explores the wild landscapes of both inner environment and outer relationships.

The Innocent Bystander
Sally Eckhoff / U.S. / 2023 / 6 min. / English
A moral tale from a most unusual source.

Kai Kurve / Germany / 2023 / 6 min. / English
A bad boy gets possessed by a fly, which confronts him with his own personality, his flaws and wrong doings.

“WILD AGAIN” / Nicole Marxen
Judd Myers / U.S. / 2021 – 2023 / 4 min. / English
A woman is created by unseen forces and set free on a post-human Earth.

“Shrieking Matter” / leor miller’s fear of her own desire
Alanna Floreck / U.S., New Zealand / 2023 / 3 min. / English
A nighttime collage of reflections, explosions of the new year, and other optical illusions.

Taran Killam / U.S. / 2023 / 16 min. / English
Charlie & Gerald revive their early 2000’s boyband, 2N1, for a competition with prize money that could remedy all of their financial woes. What could go wrong?

“One Glove” / Majorette
Paul DeSilva, Danielle Salomon / U.S. / 2023 / 2 min. / English
“One Glove” is a fantastical cautionary tale of the consequences of prioritizing present needs over future self.

“Bored, With You” / Klein Zage
Murdo Barker-Mill / U.S. / 2022 / 3 min. / English
In an after-hours diner, artist Klein Zage paints the aching emotions of a mundane romance.

“PEACE MANTRA” / Vango Jones
Vango Jones, Noel Spiva / U.S. / 2023 / 5 min. / English
A musical meditation for all the ways Vango Jones is welcoming peace into his life. The film was shot in Vango’s hometown, Saint Louis, MO USA.

“Favorite Ghost” / Matracia
Tyler Jensen / U.S. / 2024 / 4 min. / English
Grappling with the memory of an abusive relationship, one man confronts the lingering ghost he cannot shake.

“Sorry” / Domotic & the Lazours
James P. Gannon / U.S. / 2023 / 4 min. / English
Music video for the song “Sorry (for fooling you)” by Domotic & the Lazours from the album “A Brilliant Pairing”.

“Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl” / Chappell Roan
Jackie! Zhou / U.S. / 2023 / 3 min. / English
Our space alien girlie vlogs her first time in Los Angeles.

Twiggy Pucci Garçon / U.S. / 2023 / 15 min. / English
An exuberant portrait of chosen sisters Mermaid and Milan, two emerging runway divas in the drag ballroom community.


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