Shaolin Invincibles (Live Score by Dr. Israel)

Sat Nov 2
  • Sat Nov 2

Midnite weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnite)!

A Live Sound Cinema presentation featuring a live score by Dr. Israel.

Director: Cheng Hou Run Time: 91 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R

Release Year: 1977

Language: In Mandarin with English subtitles

Starring: Carter Wong, Chia Ling, Lung Chun Erh

Judy Lee is out to avenge the massacre of her family by the Emperor’s men and is assisted by another young woman. The two women wuxia heroines battle an assortment of villains, including wizards who have kung fu gorillas, as they infiltrate the evil Emperor’s court.

In a tribute to the woman warrior dub/reggae icon, Dr. Israel will be sonically re-imagining the kung fu cult classic. The good Doctor will perform a live sound system set, creating an original soundtrack with music exclusively featuring the work of women artists. Expect classics, remixes and even unreleased tracks in this genre clashing, mind-bending multimedia mashup.

Dr. Israel is a vocalist, producer, engineer and DJ based out of Brooklyn, NY. He has been producing underground music for over 20 years. His unique brand of dub & reggae has gained global notoriety for his complex vocal skills and his signature fusion of musical style and genre. His work includes celebrated solo releases including the chart topping “Inna City Pressure,” as well as collaborations and features with Bill Laswell, Mad Professor, Rancid, Sepultura, Sublime, Laurie Anderson, Bernie Worrell, Santi Gold, DJ Krush and many more.


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