Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Presented with i-D Magazine.)

Thu Aug 3
  • Thu Aug 3
7:30 pm FASHION

Midnite weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnite)!

Thu Aug 3 @ 7:30 pm: Selected by Creatures of the Wind. Presented with i-D Magazine. Featuring a short doc “Designers on Their Favorite Films” as an intro to each film.

Director: Jaromil Jires Run Time: 85 min. Format: Digital Rating: R

Release Year: 1970

Language: Czech with subtitles

Starring: Alena Stojáková, Helena Anýzová, Jan Klusák, Jaroslava Schallerová, Jirí Prýmek, Karel Engel, Libuse Komancová, Martin Wielgus, Otto Hradecký, Petr Kopriva

VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS is a strange, beautiful, and surreal exploration of a young woman coming of age.

Valerie, a Czechoslovakian teenager living with her grandmother, is blossoming into womanhood, but that transformation proves secondary to the effects she experiences when she puts on a pair of magic earrings. Now seeing the world around her in a different light, Valerie must endure her sexual awakening while attempting to discern reality from fantasy as she encounters lecherous priest Gracian, a vampire-like stranger and otherworldly carnival folk.



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